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Counseling Services

Counseling services primarily look at how things you have experienced in the past contribute to issues you're having in the present. Additionally, it tries to address issues that may be biological in nature and how to live with or mitigate those issues as effectively as possible.

Child and Teen Counseling

This is counseling that is oriented toward the needs of children and teenagers. Children generally require specialized techniques that given them age-appropriate ways of expressing themselves that involves play, art, and conversation with a specialized therapist. Teen counseling generally uses the same techniques as are used with adults, but generally uses more informal language to 


Individual Counseling

This is counseling tailored to the individual needs of adults - whether it be trauma, depression, anxiety, or other issues. We utilize techniques known to bring results, relief, and self-awareness. The time needed can be measures in weeks or months most of the time, but sometimes years are required for more complex cases. our therapists are trained to keep everything on track and make sure you're getting out of it what you want.


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is not about either individual in the relationship, but about the patterns in how they relate to one another and identifying any patterns about how we learned to have close relationships from our families. We are not there to "fix" one partner or the other. Understanding on a deeper level is necessary to resolve most relationship issues and to heal distrust and hurt. Come benefit from one of our highly trained couples therapists.


Family Counseling

Family counseling is not about blaming or fixing any one member. It's about identifying issues, patterns, or roles that each member of the family holds, and then identifying the right shifts to make to increase the family's sense of closeness and ability to communicate effectively. Many times we learned attitudes and methods of parent-child communication from our families, and we carry those approaches into our own families. That is very natural, and about 95% of what we learned is really useful most of the time. Often small changes from even one family member can make a big difference.

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