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Coaching Services

Where counseling focuses on what's happened in the past that affects the present, coaching is about looking and the present and identifying where and how we want to be in the future. Whether it's individual, couples, family, parent, business, executive, financial, nutrition, or fitness coaching we are prepared to help you get to the future you imagine when the timing is right.

Family Coaching

This type of coaching helps your family create what is called shared purpose or identity. What this means is that while you all have individual interests and goals, there is a need to create shared values and goals as a family to increase the sense of togetherness on this journey we're all on called life. This also supports how the family can support one another in their individual goals as well.


Individual or Parent Coaching

Individual and parent coaching is supporting an individual in how they can finally break through and reach their goals whether they are goals for themselves or goals they have as a parent in how they parent their child. Get the accountability, strategies, and information you need to get out of the rut you're in. How much longer do you want to spin your wheels?


Executive and Business Coaching

Being the leader of a business is incredibly hard. There are a lot of skills to master, a lot of decisions to make, many priorities, and the potentially to take a huge toll on your personal life. To make matters worse, sometimes there is limited accountability because you're the one writing the paycheck and there are few people willing to hold you accountable or question your decisions when you need it most. Get everything running well enough that you have time for your partner and family again. Gain the freedom that running your own business is supposed to create. 


Wellness Coaching

Sometimes the biggest barrier between us and the life we want is our financial and/or physical health. Meet with one of our trusted financial or wellness coaches and begin getting your focus off of your money or health and back on the people and aspects of life that matter to you even more.

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