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Which Plan is Right for You?

  • DIY Family Blueprint

    We develop a Custom Family Blueprint, you complete the plan in-house or out-of-house at your pace.
    • Services needed per family member
    • Focus of services per service type
    • Service sequence and identified stage of change milestones
    • Any education modules that may be beneficial
    • Behavior change plan
    • 12 Months of Parent Mastermind Access ($480)
  • Full-Service Family Blueprint

    Fully customized Family Blueprints, all services provided in-house with our specialized team
    Free Plan
    • Price Varies Based On Assessed Need
    • Receive Services at a Discounted Rate
    • All Coaching Sessions Needed
    • All Counseling Sessions Needed
    • Progress Tracking and Accountability
    • Access to our Parent Mastermind
    • Access to our Educational Content
    • Access to Exclusive Events
    • Family Peace and Togetherness
  • Parenting Mastermind

    Every month
    Access to our education and community of parents who want to figure it out in community!
    • Access to All of our Parenting Education Content
    • Access to our Online Community of Parents
    • Access to Special Events (Online and In-Person)
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