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Peaceful Family Breakfast

Custom Programs for a Peaceful Home Life

Make Home a Place You All Want to Be

Deeper Connections

Greater Confidence

Peaceful Homes

It has Never Been More Overwhelming to Be a Family

Whether it’s problems with peers, mental health issues, cell phones, or societal stress, the stress and pressure on families has never been higher. Is it really a surprise we’re always in a battle and drifting apart? Nothing feels worse than seeing our kids struggle when nothing seems to be helping.

Mother Baby Bonding

Begin Restoring Order Today


To tackle technology, mental health, stress, and struggle as a family, and stop feeling like the problems control you.

Home =
Happy Again

Home becomes a place where everyone in the family wants to be again. No more distracting or avoiding.


You and your children will feel like respected, valued members of the house again who can meet their goals again.

We Can Relate.

We are children, siblings, and parents who came from homes that went through times where we just couldn’t figure out how to work through chaos and distraction of life together. It just felt really overwhelming, hopeless, and defeating at times. 


That inspired us to help families like yours navigate those moments. Together, we are coaches, teachers, and licensed therapists with decades of experience who are ready to serve your family in whatever way is necessary to succeed.


Book a No-Cost, Judgment-Free Assessment

We interview the family together and apart to build a comprehensive plan.

Review and Sign Your Custom Family Blueprint

You don’t have to sign before you see the plan

Meet Your team of Guides and Find Peace

Our team jumps into action to guide you in developing a peaceful home.

We Just Want to Know We're Doing a Great Job...

As parents, you just want to know deep down in your heart that you’re doing a great job. We want something that feels like it should be simple: deep connections with our children, meeting their needs, creating beautiful memories, and preparing your kids to succeed as adults - all without sacrificing your own ambitions. 


The truth is that it’s really hard, and really complicated to parent in an environment where chaos and distraction abound - whether it be the bigger social issues that add stress to your life like pandemics, political distrust, and the economy, or the household ones like conflict with your children, cell phones and technology, bullying, marital problems, or mental health issues. The bottom line is that there are a ton of things weighing you down and making it incredibly hard to be the parent you know you want to be at home and it’s making you feel overwhelmed and stuck. Shouldn’t home be a place where everyone wants to be?

We’ve felt that before too and we know how exhausting and isolating that can feel. That’s why we got the certifications, read all the books, tried them ourselves, and discovered what works. We have coaches, teachers, and licensed therapists with decades of experience ready to ensure you don’t have to learn everything the painful way.


Your task is simple:

  1. Schedule one of our No-Cost, Judgment-Free Assessments

  2. Approve your Custom Family Blueprint

  3. Meet our Guide Team and Experience a Peaceful Home

When we co-develop the Custom Family Blueprint with you, we mix together education, family coaching, parent coaching, teen coaching, nutrition and exercise planning, financial advising, family counseling, children’s counseling, couples counseling, teen counseling, and individual adult counseling in unique ways to create the change the family needs to meet its goals. When you follow the Custom Family Blueprint you’ll redevelop your home life and actually get to realize those dreams because all of your family will be working together in the same direction at the same time. Your children’s needs will be met and they will be thriving. You’ll have space for your own ambitions again. You’ll have time to create memories together. Your conflicts will become healthy. You’ll be a trusted voice in your child’s life. You’ll feel confident that you are a great parent. You’ll feel like you’re all on this journey of life together - supporting one another in your goals. Home will become a place you all want to be.


  • DIY Family Blueprint

    We develop a Custom Family Blueprint, you complete the plan in-house or out-of-house at your pace.
    • Services needed per family member
    • Focus of services per service type
    • Service sequence and identified stage of change milestones
    • Any education modules that may be beneficial
    • Behavior change plan
    • 12 Months of Parent Mastermind Access ($480)
  • Full-Service Family Blueprint

    Fully customized Family Blueprints, all services provided in-house with our specialized team
    Free Plan
    • Price Varies Based On Assessed Need
    • Receive Services at a Discounted Rate
    • All Coaching Sessions Needed
    • All Counseling Sessions Needed
    • Progress Tracking and Accountability
    • Access to our Parent Mastermind
    • Access to our Educational Content
    • Access to Exclusive Events
    • Family Peace and Togetherness
  • Parenting Mastermind

    Every month
    Access to our education and community of parents who want to figure it out in community!
    • Access to All of our Parenting Education Content
    • Access to our Online Community of Parents
    • Access to Special Events (Online and In-Person)

A La Carte Services


$225 - 250/session

Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Couples, and Family Counseling as-needed to help you recover from the issues or past experiences that make it difficult to experience happiness and/or success in relationships in the present.



Life, Executive, Business, Family, and Couples Coaching to provide the structure, accountability, and information you need to successfully lead and/or implement your plans for the future whether it's in your personal or professional life.

Indoor Plant Peaceful Home

Get in Touch

If you're ready to take the first step toward a happier, more peaceful home, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your family.

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